What Is Hrut Collage?

Hrut Collage is a collage of infinite educational possibilities to help each learner of any age, income group, level of ability, cultural background…to search for, find and realize their inner aspirations.‘Hrut’ is Sanskrit for Ecology – everything to do with nature.  A Collage is an overlapping patchwork of pictures that tells a story.

I am Urmila, and together with my husband John, we have always unschooled our three children, Sahya, Rayn and Niom.  Though I am often associated with unschooling, I do not like to be associated with unschooling alone, as I have always been more concerned about the Big Picture regarding education worldwide.

Sahya is helping with the blog.  Most of the photographs and some of the posts are by her.

S: Welcome to the Hrut Collage blog where we record activities, events, articles, links among other things to be used for inspiration and a resource.

We perceive education as a natural process through engaging with and forming relationships with the living and non living, exploring ourselves through the arts and silence, in order to discover the inner self and beyond; our non separateness, the Consciousness Connection that make us One.

We will be forming groups and networking with people all over the city, so that you can create, participate in and avail of community activities near your own home.

The aim is growth and learning by pursuing your interests and talents, supporting each other in creating a way of life that is in alignment with each individual’s inner being, thereby relaxing into deeper and deeper realms of understanding.

We hold our own, as well as announce your workshops, meditations, study groups, talks, performances, informal discussions, get togethers and being togethers. We invite collaborators, facilitators and participants to share ideas and work together towards an education for us all.

From November 2009 to November 2010 I had committed to give a talk once a month at The Urban Ashram, and facilitate discussions, in order to spark new thinking about education.  From our new thoughts, a new education will manifest that is in alignment with our deepest aspirations.  We hope that in organizing earth friendly (which is automatically people friendly!) activities and workshops, all around the city for easy accessibility, and also, through networking with people and places, the whole city will be part of this kind of holistic learning web.

In 2011 I will continue the same, though the interactive talk-discussions will be at different venues.  In January it is at Punarnavaha in Bavdhan.

Hrut Collage is the community, you! So please help yourself by:

* Visiting us and sharing your ideas and suggestions.
* What would you like to offer? What would you like to attend/learn?
* Help us all connect with families who wish to create interesting alternatives to formal schooling.
* Come and Play!
* Tell us of other spaces and people that we can network with around the city, so people can connect with their neighbourhood groups.
* Add people to our mailing list by sending me their emails if they are interested, so they can get group mails, announcing each ‘happening’ in the city. urmilasamson@gmail.com
* If anyone wants to be excluded from these mails, please reply to this address and I will remove your email from the list.
* RSVP ‘yes’ whenever you intend to attend so we can make arrangements accordingly.